Factory Farming: A Historical Perspective

January 3, 2019

During the past 300,000+ years of human existence, to be human was to be intimately connected to the natural cycles and sources of life. Most of this time we were hunters and gatherers - pretty much all of us. Then 12,000 years ago agriculture appeared on the scene, and we were mostly farmers. 80 years ago industrial agriculture took over and we moved both ourselves and our farm animals off of fields and into factories.

In just a few short generations, we became a "species out of context." We've severed our ecological umbilical cord, and now we're confused about food, confused about health, and confused about what to do about the environment that is crumbling around us.

Factory farms are a symptom of a species disconnected from its natural habitat.

It's time to reconnect. And there's no time to lose.

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