Pasture-raised Beef

Pasture-raised Beef

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Approx 90 lbs of 100% pasture-raised beef (no grains or feedlots ever.) Pasture-raised beef has more micronutrients and higher levels of beneficial Omega 3 and CLA fats than factory farmed beef. While the the possibilities for different cuts are endless, here is an example of a standard cut list:

10 (8oz) Top Sirloin Steak
10 (8oz) New York Steak
10 (8oz) Ribeye Steak
6 (1lb) Stew Meat
8 (1lb) Fajita Meat
6 (2lb)  Roasts
51 (1lb) Ground Beef
Total = 92 pounds


We raise beef cows for three primary reasons:

  1. Grass mowers. By mowing down our pastures ahead of our chickens and turkeys, they provide a critical ecological function of mowing pastures to make them ready for the birds. This biological solution doesn't require us to burn unnecessary fossil fuels.
  2. Fertility enhancers. Cows consume perennial forage, stomp it into the ground, and leave their manure behind. All of this action enhances the organic matter and nutrient availability of our soils. This improved soil environment allows our perennial pastures to thrive, further enhancing our farms ability to retain moisture and convert sunlight into biomass.
  3. Nutrient-dense food. A by-product of their grass mowing and fertility enhancing services is, happily, a superior beef product. While we would keep a small herd of cattle just for their other services, selling beef allows us to provide a humane alternative to factory farmed meat while increasing the economic viability of our operation.

      Currently taking orders for a cow to be processed in Spring 2019. You will be contacted by our butcher around this time to provide your cutting instructions. They will be happy to walk you through the options, or if you'd like we can provide standard cutting instructions on your behalf. 

      Your purchase includes FREE HOME DELIVERY. However you must live within 30 miles of one of our Pickup Locations. We will contact you to arrange delivery.

      If you have any questions, please email