Pasture-raised Chicken

Pasture-raised Chicken

Whole Chicken (4 lb)
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If you've never had a slow-growingpasture-raised chicken, this will probably be the best chicken you've ever tasted. Our Freedom Rangers are extremely active, spending their days eating chemical-free, non-GMO soy-free grains, grasses, seeds, bugs and grubs, while their meat develops high levels of vitamins, phytonutrientshealthy omega 3 fats, and FLAVOR.


99% of all chickens raised in the U.S. spend most of their lives indoors in factory farms, and sadly this includes those labeled as "free-range," and "organic." The conditions on these farms are terrible for the animals, the farmers, the neighbors, and anyone downstream (hint: that's most of us and all of our oceans.) Growing to slaughter weight in less than 42 days, they spend most of their lives sitting down because walking becomes too difficult.


Our birds, however, live outdoors and are moved to fresh pasture every single day. This daily move is critical as it provides them with a continual supply of clean bedding, fresh airgreen material, bugs and grubs, allowing them to stay healthy without antibiotics. Then at ten weeks of age (nearly twice the industry standard,) they are humanely processed by hand in our on-farm WSDA licensed poultry processing facility, and frozen to preserve freshness.



"Your chickens are delicious, much firmer and more flavorful than American battery birds, just what  I would expect in a farm chicken. The color of the flesh and shape of the body reminds me of farm chickens I have purchased in France." 

- Executive Chef Jim Drohman (Le Pichet, Café Presse)

"Unanimously we agreed that the flavor on your chicken is great stuff. This is definitely a different bird than what we can get from larger-scale producers." 

- JJ Proville, Chef/Owner, L'Oursin

"If you’re going to eat chicken, eating one from Hungry Hollow Farm is the absolute best way to go." 

- Rachel Belle / KIRO 97.3