Pasture-raised Chicken (4-pack)

Pasture-raised Chicken (4-pack)

(4) Avg. 4lb Chickens
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Pasture-raised chicken, moved daily

If you've never had a slow-growingpasture-raised chicken, this will probably be the best chicken you've ever tasted. Our Freedom Rangers are extremely active, spending their days eating Washington-grown soy/GMO-free grains, grasses, seeds, bugs and grubs, causing the meat to develop high levels of vitamins, phytonutrientshealthy omega 3 fats, and FLAVOR.

What people are saying

"Your chickens are delicious, much firmer and more flavorful than American battery birds, just what  I would expect in a farm chicken. The color of the flesh and shape of the body reminds me of farm chickens I have purchased in France." - Executive Chef Jim Drohman, Le Pichet & Café Presse, Seattle, WA

"Unanimously we agreed that the flavor on your chicken is great stuff. This is definitely a different bird than what we can get from larger-scale producers." - JJ Proville, Chef/Owner, L'Oursin, Seattle, WA

"If you’re going to eat chicken, eating one from Hungry Hollow Farm is the absolute best way to go." - Rachel Belle, KIRO 97.3, Seattle, WA