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Available 12/18! Pasture-raised Pork Quarter Share
Pasture-raised Pork Quarter Share
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35+ lb Assortment
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Our Best Seller! Pasture-raised Chicken 4-pack
Pasture-raised Chicken 4-pack
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Check back Jan 1st! Pasture-raised Beef Eighth Share
Pasture-raised Beef Eighth Share
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Serving all of Western Washington including Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Gig Harbor, Bellevue, Bainbridge Island, Port Orchard, Bremerton and more!

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October 21, 2021
Raising chickens on pastures in a country where over 99% of chickens raised for meat are raised in indoor confinement facilities (including those "humane washed" as free-range and organic) is an act of defiance. While the frustration many feel with the "conventional" way of doing things causes some to seek out local, pasture-raised products, it causes others to throw conventional career advice out the window and join the ranks of a growing number of pastured poultry producers.
July 18, 2021
It's not every day that regenerative agriculture gets to share news of its expansion, so we're going to savor this one. I hope you will as well! Let's begin...
October 5, 2019
It's clear that in a direct, objective sense, pasture-raised chickens are much better for you. But perhaps even more compelling are the indirect benefits...
March 15, 2019
If the pork you're buying isn't labeled as "pasture-raised," then it was raised in a Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO,) also known as a "factory farm." But why should you care how your pork was raised? Here are 3 reasons:

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