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Sale Pasture-raised Chicken (4-pack)
Pasture-raised Chicken (4-pack)
(4) Avg. 4lb Chickens
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Spring Pork Sale! $30 off thru 4/7 Pasture-raised Pork (Quarter Share)
Pasture-raised Pork (Quarter Share)
35+ lbs
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3 Quarters Left! Pasture-raised Beef (Eighth Share)
Pasture-raised Beef (Eighth Share)
45+ lbs
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What customers are saying...

Your chickens are delicious, much firmer and more flavorful than American battery birds, just what I would expect in a farm chicken. The color of the flesh and shape of the body reminds me of farm chickens I have purchased in France.
Executive Chef Jim Drohman (Le Pichet & Café Presse, Seattle, WA)
This is literally the best bacon we've ever had.
Rob Fletcher (Ballard, WA)
We have so been enjoying the beef! It is so amazing! We had a steak the other night and it was hands down the best steak we have ever had! It feels so good knowing that the meat is not only nutrient dense but also sourced in a humane way. Thank you so much!
Alicia Nash (Olympia, WA)

The Hungry Blog

June 12, 2019
"...Here's the thing: This type of farming is called "regenerative agriculture." Why? Because it regenerates our soils, our communities, and what it means to be a farmer. Oh, and its better for wildlife, ecological diversity, and our oceans, all while reducing our carbon footprint..."
April 25, 2019
It should be intuitive why raising chickens outdoors in pastures is a better deal for the chickens than living on a factory farm, but let's go ahead and break it down anyway. Here are 3 reasons raising chickens on pastures is a whole lot better for the birds:

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