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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get on the wait list for beef/pork/turkey?

Pre-orders for beef shares, pork shares, and turkey open on January 1 for meat that will be ready in the Fall of that year. Please mark your calendar and plan to place your orders on or around that date. We typically send out a reminder email around January 5th, and the shares typically sell very quickly once we do! We do not keep a waitlist for any products.

Can I join your mailing list?

Yes! To be added to our e-newsletter, just register for an account here.

Why are your eggs always sold out?

Because folks love our pasture raised eggs! We are currently scaling up our flock to meet demand - which takes time. Thank you for your patience! We expect eggs to be more consistently available in our farm store in Fall 2023 and we plan to make eggs available for web sales again in Summer 2024.

Can I purchase chicken parts (breasts, drumsticks, etc.)?

We currently do not offer individual chicken cuts. Our facility is small which makes this difficult, and it is much easier for us to inventory whole chicken as opposed to all the separate parts. Here's a great video showing the parting process if you'd like to give it a go yourself.

Do you offer chicken year round?

We raise chickens seasonally from May - October. While we try to fill our freezers in the fall, we typically sell out of chickens around January or February each year. Summer/Fall is the perfect time to stock up to make sure you can enjoy our chickens year round!

Can I purchase organ meat to feed my dogs?

Yes! We currently have bulk organ meat from chicken, beef, and pork available for $3/lb. Please use the form below to inquire about current availability.

Can I purchase beef and pork from your farm store?

Unfortunately we sell beef and pork in shares at this time. This is because we use a local state-licensed butcher, rather than trucking our animals to a USDA processing facility.

What are the farm store hours?

Our self-serve farm store is open to the public during daylight hours. 

What payment methods are accepted at the farm store?

We accept cash (exact change), check, or Venmo. 

Do you sell live chickens, turkeys, pigs, or beef cattle?

We do not sell any live animals at this time.