Pasture Raised Chicken 4-pack

Pasture Raised Chicken 4-pack

(4) Avg. 4.5lb Whole Chickens
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4 pasture raised chickens (18 pounds total)

If you've never had a slow-growing, pasture raised chicken, this will probably be the best chicken you've ever tasted. Raised in pastures right here in Western Washington, our Freedom Rangers are extremely active, spending their days eating grasses, worms, seeds, insects, and Washington-grown grains that are free of corn, soy, and GMOs. They are moved to fresh pasture every single day!

All of this activity causes the meat to develop high levels of vitamins, phytonutrients, healthy omega 3 fats (3x more than conventional chicken), and flavor!

All of our animals are raised without the use of antibiotics. They simply aren't necessary when the animals are raised in a species-appropriate ecological setting.

Chickens are frozen and your purchase comes with a Hungry Hollow insulated tote bag for easy handling.