Our Philosophy

Fields, not factories.

99% of animals raised for meat in the U.S. are raised in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs,) also known as factory farms. 

This includes nearly all products carrying "organic" or various "animal welfare" labels that are designed to help consumers make an informed decision, but ultimately just provide the illusion of choice. 

We think there's a better way to tell if you should actually feel good about the meat you're buying, and it's quite simple: it should come from animals raised in fields, not factories.

There are over 700 million acres of pasture in America. These are typically native grasslands that once contained millions of native grazing animals, or hilly lands unsuitable for growing row crops. 

Virtually all of these acres would see significant improvements in ecological health with addition of carefully managed livestock, such as chickens and cows. These ecological improvements would include increased soil fertility, above and below-ground biomass, biodiversity, water retention, water absorption, dry season growth, carbon sequestration, and carrying capacity across countless species of flora and fauna.

These methods are ultimately better for the people, planet, and animals. 

All of this would suggest that the prevailing model of raising animals in CAFOs is not the desirable apotheosis of animal agriculture. 

By instead raising animals in species-appropriate ecological contexts using holistic management principles we're leaving our land better than we found it and our products have greater nutrient-density with each passing year as a result. Greater nutrient density leads to robust humans with reduced dependence on reactive medicine. And by inviting customers to our farm to see how their food is produced, we're providing a direct connection to the landscapes and lives that sustain them.  

We're going to keep caring for our land and working towards a future of health and abundance. We hope you'll join us!