Pasture-raised Eggs 3-pack

Pasture-raised Eggs 3-pack

3 Dozen Eggs

Our lucky ladies lay the best pasture-raised eggs!

Pasture-raised eggs are: 

  • twice as high in healthy omega 3 fats
  • twice as high in Vitamin E
  • 38% higher in Vitamin A 

when compared to factory farm eggs (including those labeled as "free-range" and "organic.")


Truly pasture-raised

When we say "pasture-raised," we don't mean we open the barn doors on sunny days. Our chickens sleep in mobile shelters which are moved every few days, ensuring a constant source of greens, seeds, bugs, and grubs. They also have constant access to Washington-grown soy/GMO-free grains.

*Shipping eggs is... problematic. For this reason, eggs are not eligible for Home Delivery.