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Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

12 - 20 lbs

Pre-order Now! (Ready Fall 2024)

Pasture Raised Turkey

Start a holiday tradition this Thanksgiving with a Hungry Hollow pasture raised turkey.

Our turkeys are raised on Washington-grown feed free of soy and corn while living in lush pastures filled with grasses, seeds, bugs and grubs.

They grow slowly, giving them time to develop a juicy layer of delicious fat beneath their skin. Because they live active lives, they have especially dark, rich, and flavorful meat. 

Important Ordering Information

Your turkey will be frozen and ready in September. This allows us to raise your bird during the most optimal time of year, and ensures that you have your bird in-hand well before the holiday rush. We recommend defrosting your bird in the fridge for 1 day per 5 pounds of weight. (4 days for a 20 pound bird.)

Your card will not be charged until we have the final weight of your bird. Please specify your preferred size in the "Special Instructions" section during checkout and we'll do the best we can to match you up with a bird of that size. Turkeys typically range from 12 - 20 pounds.