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Beauty & Truth in Modern Agriculture

The lack of beauty and truth in modern agriculture is not a benign side effect of efficient production. In the short term, it represents a design flaw to be overcome. Marketers are tasked with painting over the truth, and laws are passed to limit public visibility into these operations. These techniques have propped up the system so far. But make no mistake, in the long run, the combination of ugliness and deception is the system’s Achilles’ heel.

Mt. Joy

Since 2018, we've served thousands of customers and we continue to expand our production of pasture raised chickens to meet the local demand. But the truth is, we've still got a LONG way to go before this type of farming becomes the rule, rather than the exception. With this in mind, we've partnered with an incredible team based in Seattle to begin generating more local awareness of regenerative farming practices. This team is called Mt. Joy:

How to End Factory Farming

... factory farming is not inevitable, despite its prominence in America today. Even a generation ago the food system for animals looked totally different than it does now. The products that we see in the markets and the farms dotting the landscape are the outcome of a very intentional process, mostly by a small handful of very large meat companies, to produce a system that predominantly benefits them.

Pastured Poultry Expands in Mason County

Raising chickens on pastures in a country where over 99% of chickens raised for meat are raised in indoor confinement facilities (including those "humane washed" as free-range and organic) is an act of defiance. While the frustration many feel with the "conventional" way of doing things causes some to seek out local, pasture-raised products, it causes others to throw conventional career advice out the window and join the ranks of a growing number of pastured poultry producers.

Better Meat Washington

Demand for better meat in Washington is on the rise, and our little farm will simply not be able to keep up. What is needed is a rich fabric of locally-adapted and economically-viable farms stewarding the land and producing better meat for their local communities...

Can we have Organic Veggies without Animals?

When you eat fruits and vegetables, do you ever pause to consider where their life-sustaining nutrients came from? In a world where veggies typically come from the veggie aisle, and meat from the meat aisle, it can be easy to forget that all food - and life - is born out of a web of intricate interdependencies formed over many millions of years...

Why Pasture Raise Chickens? Part 2: Better for the Planet

"...Here's the thing: This type of farming is called "regenerative agriculture." Why? Because it regenerates our soils, our communities, and what it means to be a farmer. Oh, and its better for wildlife, ecological diversity, and our oceans, all while reducing our carbon footprint..."