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Sale Pasture-raised Eggs
Pasture-raised Eggs
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Sale Pasture-raised Chicken (Whole)
Pasture-raised Chicken (Whole)
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Spring Pork Sale! $30 off thru 4/7 Pasture-Raised Pork (Half Share)
Pasture-Raised Pork (Half Share)
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Farmer Grant's Musings

April 25, 2019
It should be intuitive why raising chickens outdoors in pastures is a better deal for the chickens than living on a factory farm, but let's go ahead and break it down anyway. Here are 3 reasons raising chickens on pastures is a whole lot better for the birds:
March 15, 2019
If the pork you're buying isn't labeled as "pasture-raised," then it was raised in a Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO,) also known as a "factory farm." But why should you care how your pork was raised? Here are 3 reasons:
January 6, 2019
Saying goodbye to factory farms will improve your life and the lives of farmers, farm animals, thousands of species of wildlife, rural communities, and billions of earth's future inhabitants. Still need convincing? Here are 8 reasons to go #FactoryFarmFree:

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